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Teams will be comprised of selected players from the Southcoast region who are willing and able to contribute and subscribe to the rules, philosophies and goals of each team. An average of ten players will be chosen based on skill level, athletic ability, attitude and ability to understand roles as well as the concept of being a team player. During try outs each athletes will be evaluated by multiple coaches performing different skills. At the conclusion of the try out process an e-mail will be sent to the athlete outlining the team they have be chosen to participate with. Response is required within 24 hours with an acceptance or declining the offer so we can move on to the next athlete. Max Performance VC draws players from many different schools and areas. This often means that teams become more competitive. An athlete could have been a starting outside for their high school and at the club level make a team as a second or third. Please understand that the position the athlete holds in high school has no bearing in the decision of team selection or playing team. Each Max Performance VC team is put together based on the needs that best suit that particular team. This can often be a change for athletes as well as parents when making the adjustment from high school to club.

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