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23-24 tryout

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Welcome to mPvc

Welcome to Max Performance Volleyball Club! We are dedicated to helping young players grow, excel, and maximize themselves in the sport of volleyball. Our experienced coaches are committed to helping student athletes reach their full potential on and off the court. Join MPVC and become part of our passionate volleyball community. Let's serve, spike, and set our way to success together!




The 2023 MPVC Indoor tryouts will take place

November 11th, 12th and 18th

Athletes should plan to attend all 3 days.

Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School


1121 Ashley Blvd, New Bedford, MA 02745

Time slots will be 3:00pm-5:00pm (or) 6:00pm-8:00pm and assigned based on age/level. 


Registration will open first week of September and close on November 1 with athlete specific tryout times being assigned and published on the website on November 5th.


The Club Level experience is fun and designed for athletes who are hungry to learn and improve with a focus on high school volleyball. This program provides high level training and competition for players ages 13-18 and is a great level for a multi-sport athlete or an athlete with a full family, work or school schedule. Players have the opportunity to learn how to compete as well as how to be good teammates. The program will involve overall skill and volleyball IQ development.  Club level will run from November December 2- April 28.


Club Cost: $800

Practice: Once weekly - Saturday

Club teams will participate in:

AAU Home for the holidays- December 9+10

NERVA single day events-

    Feb 11

    March 10

    March 24

    April 14

    April 28

athletes who are hungry to learn and improve with a focus on high school volleyball.

athletes who are competitive with a focus on varsity volleyball and/or those interested in playing in college.

The Premier experience is fun and competitive with a focus on varsity volleyball and/or those interested in playing in college. This is ideal for student athletes who currently play or expect to play on their high school varsity team, desire to compete against the top players in AAU/ USAV, and believe that fun is defined by constant improvement and desire to be part of a team. This level is also ideal for athletes who aspire to play collegiate volleyball. 


Premier Cost: $1500 

Practice: Twice weekly - Wednesday & Saturday

Premier teams will participate in:

5 Nerva Single day events as well as 5 out of the 7 events listed below. 

**Note: Selection of tournaments will be finalized on Dec 1 for the season. 


AAU Home for the holidays- December 9+10

AAU Grand Prix #2- Feb 10-11

AAU Spring super regional kick off April 6-7

Wicked good- December 16+17

Volleyfest- Feb 17-19

Boston Festival- (Feb 23-25 or March 1-3 Depending on age)

RI Rumble- ( April 20-21 or April 27-28 depending on age)


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Teams will be comprised of selected players from the Southcoast region who are willing and able to contribute and subscribe to the rules, philosophies and goals of each team. An average of ten players will be chosen based on skill level, athletic ability, attitude and ability to understand roles as well as the concept of being a team player. During try outs each athletes will be evaluated by multiple coaches performing different skills. At the conclusion of the try out process an e-mail will be sent to the athlete outlining the team they have be chosen to participate with. Response is required within 24 hours with an acceptance or declining the offer so we can move on to the next athlete. Max Performance VC draws players from many different schools and areas. This often means that teams become more competitive. An athlete could have been a starting outside for their high school and at the club level make a team as a second or third. Please understand that the position the athlete holds in high school has no bearing in the decision of team selection or playing team. Each Max Performance VC team is put together based on the needs that best suit that particular team. This can often be a change for athletes as well as parents when making the adjustment from high school to club.

Players are placed on teams based on USAV's defined age groups and their skill level. Dependent on a player's birth date, players may qualify for a USAV age group starting at 14U (14 and under) all the way up to 18U.

2023 AGE CHART.png

Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Max Performance Volleyball Club.  Please read through them so you know what to expect and reach out with any questions!

  • Teams: all levels of teams will have between 9-12 players: the ideal is 10

  • Team selection is based on several factors: age, experience, technical ability, position, coachability, attitude and level of commitment the player (and family) is willing to make.

  • When selecting teams we do so based on the skill and need of that particular team. We do not place athletes on teams based on friendships/ school affiliations/ or car pooling ease.

  • Players may “play up” meaning they can compete in an older age bracket but it is not permitted by USAV to have an older player in a younger age bracket.

  • All players must be USAV & AAU members. AAU membership is covered in tuition but the USAV membership will be completed and paid for individually by athlete/ family once teams have been determined.

  • All practices for Max Performance are at either New Bedford Voc or Forekicks in Taunton. Team calendars will be available online after team determinations.

  • All players and parents must read and accept our terms of agreement before being placed on a team: these policies cover practice commitment, payment commitment including refund policy, expectations about communication, behavior of the players and parents as well as coaches.

  • There will be a mandatory parent meeting before the season starts by location - dates to be announced.

  • Each team will have a practice schedule based on their level/age and that will be communicated once teams are formed

  • All absences from practice must be communicated to the coach ahead of time unless illness or emergency and we strongly suggest that the player be the one to communicate with coach.

  • We encourage athletes to participate in other sports and interest. We also want to encourage strong family relationships. With that in mind the expectation is athletes are able to make the commitment they’ve agreed upon and every effort is made to attend all practices/ tournaments. 

  • We update the website when practices are cancelled due to weather or any other reason.

  • You should follow us on FB and Instagram to see pictures and updates.

  • Once a player is on a team, the coach will be the direct contact regarding practices, tournaments, details of where to be when.

  • If your child does not have a cell phone, please discuss with the coach the best way to ensure information should be shared.

  • All of our coaches are Safe Sport and Impact Certified. 

  • We strongly encourage athletes to advocate and speak for themselves. Any meeting with coaching staff will always include the athlete. Any issues should be addressed following the 24 hour rule- Parents reach out to the coach 24 hours after completion of practice/tournament to establish a day and time to meet and discuss. 

  • The  levels of programs are designed to fit the variety of athletes we have trying out. Some athletes participate in other activities: dance/ music, other sports, work, etc. so a Club level team is a better fit rather than the commitment required of Premier level players.

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